Eh? What’s that ?

Thanks to Google Translate you can find out what my blogs are about.

As this is now easy peezy lemon squeezy, you can do the work !!

What I’ll do is list the titles and topics, so you can find out stuff that may interest you.

Cheers Slainte Hwyl

Andy – Business speak hobbles getting S4C to work better – NZ election campaign and a cup of tea causes trouble – Another loss in 2011 – The climate debate – The Qantas thing – A poet is Ireland’s new President – The All Blacks triumphant – Dealing with broadcasters as a punter – That game between Wales & France in the Rugby World Cup. – More Oz politics – Australia’s Carbon Tax passes – Wale’s TV channel latest kerfuffle – Wales and Wellington’s new stadium – Bits and pieces – How are the Celtic nations faring with the BBC ? – The dangers of mining remain


Amheuon – doubts about how useful the 9/11 commemorations are

Parti te – A Tea Party in Oz and it doesn’t understand history

Cyfraith a threfn – Laura Norder and the possibility of being a juror

Hel straeon – too many good people are disappearing from this life

Ty o radd flaenaf – the UK’s House of Commons debates the riots

Cyfri’r genedl – time for the Australian census

Llongyfarchion, ond ai cyfrinach yw hon ? – good to see the National Eisteddfod online, but why no fanfare.

Y pethe – things Welsh

Y bos a’i benodiad diddorol – my former boss broadcasts his last show and how he “discovered” me.

Y busnes Murdoch’ma – the News Interntional brouhaha

Tipyn o ymchwil a materion yn codi – facts & figures from various reports.  Interesting!

Mae ameseru’n bopeth – timing is everything.  More on the tax.

A aeth y dydd yn hwylus ? – Oz Labor announces its long awaited carbon tax.

Oes, does gennym fananas – Yes, we have no bananas.  The impact of Australia’s wild weather.

Gwaith caled – the hard work of grappling with a new PC.

Yma o hyd – Julia Gillard’s first anniversary.

Cyfle colledig – Wales’ Welsh language channel not serving expats

Dan y Wenallt – ai clasur yw hon ? – I did go and see Under Milk Wood and was not totally impressed with the work.

Dan y Wenallt, dan bwysau – Should I ogo r shouldn’t I.  Under Milk Wood performed ay my local theatre.

Arwr prin – All hail Jim Lehrer, my hero

Ga i yn gyntaf … – sluggish election counting gets a rough reception

Rhyfela – Australian Defence Force Academy & sex scandals

Sglodion etholiadaol – pen goch arall – Pauline Hanson’s possible political return

Cymeriad a chapten a thipyn o gonundrum – immediate thoughts about the end of Ricky Ponting’s rein as Australian captain

Yfory a ddilyn heddiw a ddilyn ddoe – The latest technology, the oldest TV programs

Colli gwir seren teledu – the passing of a remarkable man

Dweud y Gwir – telling the truth & Australian politics

Ynys yr Afalau – Greetings from Tasmania AKA “the apple isle”

Eithriad ac arweiniad – thoughts about leadership

Ymwelydd – A pending family visit and the challenges it may bring

Dadlau go iawn – A link to an Irish election debate

Diffyg geiriau – A lack of words causes a storm in Australian politics

Problem iaith – Welsh TV channel’s problems summed up in a few words

Y tywydd – ni allem ddianc rhag hwn – Cyclone Yasi and some links

Safon – why we need standards.  It helps us appreciate rubbish better!

Methiant Muzza – thoughts about nicknames and Andy Murray

Cyfri’r gost – counting the cost of flood damage and the Welsh language press

Dau ddiwrnod – cariad a chriced – Wales’ own Vaelntines Day and Australia Day

I’r gad gyda Mànran – backing a bid for pop fame by guys from Scotland.


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